Engineered for Controlled Environments


Series 2000

2” Ceiling Grid Systems

Rod-Suspended, Gasket or Gel-Seal Ceilings

Superior Quality, Unparalleled Flexibility

For a full list of parts, please download our Gorilla Grid parts catalog

at the following link.

Parts Catalog


Gorilla Grid is the backbone of the SBB's ceiling system. It offers the fastest installing, most versatile and strongest system on the market and is available as a “turn key” solution from engineering to installation.


SBB's ceiling system is a proven way to save on installation costs, provide a working platform, mount room side equipment and add an efficient ceiling system to your work environment.


Perfect for commercial, industrial and other specialty applications.

  • Semiconductor
  • Microelectronic
  • Medical Device
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology
  • Nano-Technology
  • Research Laboratories
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Data Center Applications

Why Choose Gorilla Grid?

Gorilla Grid’s flexibility allows hangars to be mounted anywhere on the grid - ELIMINATING SUB STEEL STRUCTURES. In addition, the universal cross tee system allows for any grid sizing structure and multiple layout configurations.

Gorilla Grid’s structural integrity reduces the number of hangars and hangar parts needed and allows it to be designed to meet weight-bearing and walkable ceiling requirements. Perfect for mounting room side equipment or eliminating cat walks or expensive service mezzanines.

Available options include, but are not limited to:


• Factory Engineered System (for single source

responsibility and ease of coordination)

• Blank panels

• Lights (LED)

• Integrated sprinkler systems

• Hanging supports/mechanisms

• Seismic dampers

• Terminal Devices

• Gasket Seals


Whatever your application needs, this system has a clean, well designed solution.


For a detailed parts list with specifications, please download our Gorilla Grid parts catalog

at the following link.

Parts Catalog

Main Grid Parts

2045 Main 2045M-200-W503

2045 Wall Start 2045WS-200-W503

2035 Cross Tee 2035XT-47-W503

2025 Cross Tee 2025XT-47-W503

Hanging Parts

Standard 3/8" Hang Rod Assembly HRA-3/8

Turn Buckle 3/8" Thread TB-3/8

3/8" LH/RH Threaded Rod TRS-3/8-9

Grid Half Barrel Nut 3/8" Thread PPE-2-1091F

Connecting Parts

Cross Tee Rocker Connector PPE-1-1130F

Grid-to-Grid Bottom Connector PPE-1-1093F

Like-to-Grid Top Connector PPE-1-1129F

2045 Splice Plate SP-2045

Basic Panels

2'x4' Ceiling Panel PM-3mm-24x48

4'x4' Ceiling Panel PM-3mm-48x48


2'x2' LED Light Panel SLP2.2-40x

2'x4' LED Light Panel SLP2.4-50x

Walkable System

Walkable System WP-16G-48

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