Engineered for Controlled Environments

At SBB, we have the team and the capabilities to realize any of your custom control environment needs.


With decades of cleanroom experience, our industry knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and installation, all under one roof, have provided us the opportunity to work on extremely unique projects.

Here is a small sampling of special projects we have developed with just a few of our clients.

If there is a special project that you have in mind, please contact us to discuss your potential plans.

(978) 437-6500

-5 Degree Quenching Unit

  • Made for Delphi Electronics for quality control program
  • Open conveyor for manufacturing facility
  • Advanced design and controls to overcome constant freeze-up conditions

Laser Tube Purge Unit

  • DOD and DOE project
  • In use at Lawrence Livermore Labs laser fusion facility
  • 20” total static pressure
  • ULPA and Carbon filtration
  • Controlled environment to non-standard air environment make-up
  • 10 Part Per Billion contamination control

500 Degree Process Cooling Unit

  • Controlled air environment to allow process to operate in a non-standard air make-up environment
  • .1% accuracy of environment recipe
  • Controlled 500 degree environment to +/- 1% temperature and RH
  • Full mass flow control

Cleanroom Energy Savings Upgrade

  • 80,000 & 40,000 CFM Recirculation Units
  • Replacement for existing units for operating cleanroom facility
  • Sensible only cooling
  • Part of SBB cleanroom energy savings upgrade, total project reduced cleanroom energy use by 70%
  • 5 Air Handling Units Installed by SBB with 7 day cleanroom shutdown

40,000 CFM Make Up Air Unit

  • SUNY Nanotech facility, Albany NY
  • 5 Stages of filtration
  • Built in 2 pieces for shipping and installation
  • Cascade humidifier

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